*Custom USB up to 64GB, comes complete with resealable waterproof bag + Mr. + Mrs. canvas draw string storage bag. Price includes Shipping + Tracking. When placing your order please add event details along with your shipping information in the customer notes section. Shipping + Tracking will be sent to your e-mail address if provided. DWCO will not be responsible for failure to provide correct ordering information.

I have through out my career as a Wedding Photographer - have recommended my clients to "print" their images. Digital images on a USB can damage over time, and where does this leave you? That's right! Without your original files or online digital files that are downgraded in size. Dandelion Weddings + Co. does not charge a markup on their prints, canvas, albums or photography gifts in your online gallery. What does this mean for you? This means you get base lab prices, no markups and the original file size downloads. You may opt to keep your online gallery for an additional year by requesting a renewal for $59.95. Renewals are on a year to year basis, and you and your family may enjoy the continued rewards of preserving your memories.

Many of our wedding collections come complete with prints and canvases. Order today from your online gallery and let the savings begin!

You may purchase a print release at any time after your gallery is complete if you choose not to utilize your gallery online ordering options. With a print release you may take your images to any lab of choice.

 $99 Limited Print Release for one year/one individual or $149.00 Lifetime 

* group rates also available

If your wedding runs off track, your photographer will stay additional hours at our standard rate of $175 per photographer. This is payable on site day of services. No exceptions. On site payment fees will apply.

Two Photographers $250 per hour

Your photographer will schedule an appointment with management at your venue of choice for your event. Physically visiting a site gives your photographer a different perspective than you can get from just checking out the venues website or searching online for images that have been keyworded with the area or location. When you are limited to the “online preview” it’s easy to only see the site through those visuals. Going to the actual event site opens up creativity to look for the nooks and crannies of a space that hasn’t been put online yet. It also gives us a chance to check in with the management of the site. They can be a huge wealth of information and help in understanding the logistics & rules of your venue. One hour. Travel not included.

$125 (One Hour/One Lead Photographer)

Weddings require a lot of emotional presence from the photographer, so the rehearsal is the perfect kick-starter. The rehearsal also gives your photographer a chance to scout the ceremony spot, and plan how they will shoot. Attending the rehearsal gives your photographers the chance to see where the ceremony + reception is taking place. There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor ceremony lighting, and the rehearsal is a great way to see this in advance.

 Through this, your photographer will also able to plan and decide where the best spots for coverage are. Where your photographer will want to be for all of the important “must catch” moments. They will also have the chance to determine whether they will need flash or not in certain areas. Your photographers can then meet the priest, pastor or officiant, and find out if there are any outdoor wedding “rules” they will need to follow according to the venue or church. Many churches have a list of do’s and don’ts that photographers are to follow.

Also, they will be able to see where the couple, wedding party, and officiant will be standing. This allows them to give their professional opinion if any adjustments need to be made in this area, to help create better images the day of the wedding. 

When attending the rehearsal, we can meet the family and wedding party. It “breaks the ice” so to speak, and we can start having fun with the group. Especially if they will be in the “getting ready” rooms, the wedding party will feel more comfortable if there is already a rapport between your photographer and them. Your photographers meeting the parents of the bride and groom should be at the top of the list as well. 

In today’s online/digital world, it is possible that you might not even meet your couple before the wedding. Attending and photographing the rehearsal will allow us to get to know them and allows them to be more comfortable with us the day of the wedding. We have attended wedding rehearsals where we knew the bride, but hadn’t met the groom yet, so it would be great to meet him and other family members as well at your rehearsal. One hour.


 $175 + two photographer meals

$125 + one photographer meal

Dandelion Weddings + Co. provides top of the line professional editing with any collection purchased ie. wedding portraits or portrait styled photography. We do not remove beach goers, objects or facial flaws in ceremony or candid shots. These particular shots get standard editing. ie. lighting, contrast, color

Additional Editing may be purchased to remove unwanted subjects or objects from your public beach wedding or elopements, including facial flaw removal. Some of these services can be purchased directly from your gallery, ie. facial flaw removal, eyeglass glare, blemish removal, hair stand removal, with the exception of objects and pedestrians on beach, those are custom and those orders can not be purchased inside your gallery. You will have to contact your photographer to place your order, no additional fees apply.

$25 per image

Travel is FREE up to 35 miles, travel thereafter is $2.58 per mile. 

We are traveling photographers and will go anywhere within the United States. Travel fees are included in pricing for Columbia, Augusta, N. Augusta + Aiken. We cover the entire state of South Carolina, many locations in Georgia, including Savannah. North Carolina, including Charlotte + Asheville. West Virginia, Charleston-Huntington, Tennessee, Smokey Mountains- Nashville. Travel fees are minimum fees and not overpriced. Estimated travel is $2.58 per mile.


Add any print package to any collection or simple order choose from over 10,000 photo prints, canvases, decor + more directly from your online gallery. Seven participating professional labs within each gallery. Shop your online gallery for incredible deals and excellent quality products and albums. See print packages above for rates. No markups ever and no obligation to buy, EVER.