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I never expected to be as fortunate as I am, to get to wake up every morning and do what I love. I have an unbelievably amazing husband with whom I get to share all these wonderful experiences. He is a great business partner and a very talented photographer in his own right. The current wedding market is too heavily focused on branding and marketing-- somewhere along the line I think everyone forgot that wedding photography is about caring deeply for the amazing people we get to work with. Capturing all those wonderful moments that make up a wedding!  You have to do this job because you love it! 

Every couple has a vision for their wedding day: there is personal meaning in each finely curated detail and a unique history behind every fleeting moment between loved ones.

Tori and Jason have spent years (nearly two decades) perfecting a distinctive style that captures your individual story with refinement and honesty, blending fine art intentionality with a documentarian’s eye for the spontaneous. The end results are authentic photographs that will transport you back to your once-in-a-lifetime wedding events, preserving them in time as you continue to build your life together in the coming years.

Allow us to tell your love story through our beautiful photography! Ask about a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY! 

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Unique Eloping Ideas for your Special Day https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/4/unique-eloping-ideas-for-your-special-day


One of the things we love most about elopements is how they intentionally and beautifully break wedding tradition in the name of authenticity. They are more intimate, relaxing and stress free vs. your conventional eight to twelve hour wedding. Elopements at their core are rebellious weddings; bold statements of couples choosing to make their wedding day completely unique and distinct to them and their story, in privacy.

During the process of planning your own unique elopement, you might be wondering what exactly your elopement day should include? What goes into an elopement ceremony? Do we choose unique one of a kind vows or sayings? Should we add a special touch, such as add a unity plant? Sands? What unique eloping ideas can you incorporate into your day? 

As two veteran photographers who specialize in documenting intimate elopements, We’ve witnessed an array of unique eloping ideas. We are always so amazed when we see our bride and groom incorporate their own unique ideas into their day, whether it’s during their elopement ceremony or any other aspect of their elopement adventure. So we’ve decided to share some of these unique eloping ideas to help inspire your own unique twist for your own elopement celebration.

Many of these eloping ideas listed are ideas we have taken from personally witnessing at our own elopements we have photographed, along with some other ideas we have seen online or have seen in photographs from other locals and what they choose to incorporate into their own elopement. It is a beautiful, personal and distinct touch to your elopement ceremony, as well as your elopement adventure together.


1. Have a Self-Uniting Ceremony

Yes! This is a real thing! There are only a select few states that allow self-solemnization, this is where you don’t need an officiant to get married. Colorado is one of the states that is popular for this type of ceremony. It is one of the most private ceremonies you could have as a couple. In fact, you don't even need a witness or officiant present during any Colorado elopement ceremonies. We think this is the most ultimate type of ceremony for those couples who would like to have solitude and that wish for a private affair. Here is a list of states which allow Self-Uniting Marriages: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, District of Columbia, California, Maine, Nevada and Kansas.


2. Have a Silent First Dance (Let NATURE sing your song)

Traditional weddings, we always see the first dance with either the Bride and Groom or parent. We got this idea, by using prompts with our couples to allow them to act naturally during their pictures. As the Lead Photographer, I came up with my own prompt. Slow dance with your love as if no one is watching, and of course, there is no music playing, this is where imagination comes into play. In this aspect, you both share a slow dance silently, taking in the sounds of nature instead as “your song.” It also allows the couple to have a quiet intimate moment together, breathing in everything around them, including each other.

And I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite parts of the elopement day. I get to see my couples sink into this deeper level of connection with each other as they immerse themselves in the silence around them. It’s quite literally the opposite of what you experience with a traditional wedding, where the noise feels like it’s impossible to escape. This one is hands-down one of my favorite eloping ideas on this list because of the intimacy it affords my couples.

3. Vessel or High Elevation Champagne Toast

Who said champagne toasts are only for wedding receptions? If you want to celebrate your nuptials with an expensive bottle of champagne at the top of a hill or mountain, we say do it! It is a lot more fun popping champagne at an elevation than in an indoor venue! of even off the side of a boat or yacht, as we have seen done here in the beautiful state of South Carolina. Shake that bottle and let the elevation/or wind from the ocean do the rest for you! 

4. Take a Dip in the Water together

This one’s certainly one of the most fun elopement ideas on the list. Many of our elopement clients love to end the day in a SPLASH. After their nuptials, they like to get in the water together, whether it is full body or just their feet and legs, it is certainly a unique and refreshing way to end your day, and makes for amazing images! 

5. Have a Picnic
Contrary to popular belief, elopements are not just an hour of time spent in a courthouse. This is your wedding day, not your wedding hour. Because of that, many of my couples have chosen to incorporate a picnic or cooking a meal together into their elopement timeline. Rather than opting for a catered meal like you’d have at a traditional wedding, having a little homemade picnic or spending time in a mountain cabin cooking up breakfast is a fun alternative and by far one of my favorite unique eloping ideas.


6.Swap out Cake for Seafood
Instead of the traditional cake. Swap it out for the food you both love. Whether it be Seafood, or Pizza. Your elopement should speak out about the couple, why not include what food you both love and is dear to your heart.

7. Whisper your Vows
We love when our couples request to whisper their vows to each other, where either of us can hear them. We think it's an amazing way to share your vows more intimately, just between each other. 

9. Write a Love Letter to each other/Long distance texts or letters

Write a love letter and read it to each other the day of your elopement. If you have had a long distance relationship, you will more than likely have an array of letters or text messages that would be appropriate to reflect on that shows the love you have shared between each other over the years.


10. Pledge to Create NEW ADVENTURES together

This is also one of my favorites! Give a unique pledge to always create new adventures together and perhaps recall some old adventures you may have shared. Pledging to always spend time together is and or make time for each other is a start to a solid foundation of not loosing yourselves down the road when you allow everyday life to take over. It also releases stress. Everyone needs alone time, and no better day to start it, than the day of your elopement. 



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NEW!!!! Live Streaming! Virtual Wedding Services https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/3/virtualweddingservices  




  WE NOW OFFER LIVE VIDEO WEDDING STREAMING! Online wedding ceremony_1Online wedding ceremony_1

We are excited to announce we are now currently offering Live Streaming Services for your upcoming wedding or event. We truly understand the "want" for everyone that is important to you be in attendance to witness the biggest day of your lives. These services will truly allow every special person to attend, who may not be able to physically attend because of travel, Covid, illness or age. There is now NO reason for that special guest to miss a beat! Learn more by contacting us today! Current clients may also add this service to their existing booking and or payment plan.


The Benefits of Live Streaming your Wedding

1. Most importantly, no one misses your wedding.

2. Lowers your wedding costs; such as catering or bar service.

3. Lowers your attendance. Which makes it safer for those you care about the most, and also your guests.

4. Saves Family Travel Cost, and Less Risks for Covid, especially for those family members whom are compromised.

5. An inexpensive way to express to all those you love that you don't want them to miss your big day for any reason! 



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Important Questions to Ask your Wedding Vendors Prior to Signing a Contract https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/3/important-questions-to-ask-your-wedding-vendors-prior-to-signing-a-contract Important Questions to Ask your Wedding Vendors Prior to Signing a Contract

Bouquet with colorful flowers for a wedding table decorationBouquet with colorful flowers for a wedding table decorationA beautiful bouquet with colorful flowers for a wedding table decoration

Questions for ALL VENDORS

Do you service the area where my venue is located?

For wedding professionals like your florist, bakery, rental company or hair and makeup artist, knowing their service area is important. You want to make sure that your venue location is in the area they service. If it’s outside their normal service area, ask if they are willing to travel. Many wedding vendors will work outside their normal service area for an additional fee. If there’s a wedding vendor you absolutely love, it’s worth it to at least ask them. But can also add additional fees to your budget. Be wise when choosing your wedding vendors.

Does the vendor provide insurance?

Many venues only allow insured vendors to work on-site. Not only does this protect the venue, but it also protects you. You don’t want to be responsible if a guest trips over a your photographer’s tripod and hurts themselves. And you don’t want to be liable for replacing linens that were scorched by candles. Insurance is for those “worse case scenarios”, but in the case something does happen you’ll be glad you did your due diligence.

Brides Tip: If your vendors don’t have insurance, you’ll want to consider getting your own wedding insurance policy. These types of policies can covering everything from your dress catching on fire to rescheduling your wedding because of bad weather.

What all is included? Is there any additional fees?

Staying within your wedding budget is widely important. You want to make sure that at the end of the day, any vendor you hire is within your budget. The final invoice total includes many fees that aren’t always included in the initial proposal. Don't be afraid to address these additional fees. 

Extra fees can include things like:

Travel charges – these are applied when the destination is outside the vendors typical service area

After hours pickup charges – sometimes companies will charge you a late night fee for having to do a pickup at midnight or later

Taxes – though it’s not on your proposal, you will have to pay a food and beverage tax on your catering invoice. Also, some vendors charge sales tax.

Upcharges – These charges include things like linens, chairs, and up-lighting that aren’t included in the vendor’s base package.

Overtime – If you decide to extend your reception or have your band play for another hour, they might charge an overtime fee.

Gratuity – Instead of tipping each server, bar tender, and the wedding planner separately, sometimes they’ll include the gratuity in your final invoice. If they do include gratuity, you will not be required to tip them.

Cleaning fees – This is usually charged after the event because the venue wasn’t left exactly like you found it.



Do you require a Retainer? When is it due?

A wedding is a big investment. It’s common for vendors to require a retainer at the time of the contract signing. Final payments are due anywhere between 30 days before your wedding and the day of. Many vendors offer payment plans. Understanding how many payments and when each payment is due can take away some of the financial pressure of wedding planning, as well as maintain your budget. If the vendor’s proposed payment plan doesn’t work for you, ask if you can make smaller, more frequent payments; may vendors are happy to work with you.

I need to Cancel, now what?

Things happen. Maybe because of unforeseen circumstances you need to change the date of your wedding. Or perhaps you and your groom decide to elope. Whatever it may be, canceling or changing your wedding date isn’t something you anticipate doing. In the unlikely event you need to change your plans, you’ll want to ask your potential vendors what their cancellation or change policy is.

Here are a few follow up questions to ask:

Is my Retainer Refundable?

Whether you cancel or change an event, you may not be able to get your retainer back. However, some vendors that may return your retainer if you cancel before the agreed upon deadline. Or allow you to use it towards future purchases. This should be defined in your contract with said vendor.


Is there a fee if I decide to change my date?

Wedding vendors need to purchase materials and resources for your event ahead of time. If you do change your date, expect to pay a date change fee.


When there is a time you need help, it is when you hire your wedding vendors. This typically entails both meetings, site visits vendor selections and recommendations, as well as event planning details once you have decided on your vendor of choice.


Below is a list of questions that are often forgotten and overlooked. Asking important questions will make a big difference for your wedding day. Some of these tips may help you in choosing the right vendor and fit for your event and budget.


Questions for Venues

Is there other events are going on at the venue that same day? You'll want to know if and with whom you'll be sharing the space and or time frame limitations.

Is there a cake-cutting or corkage fee? An often-overlooked cost that you'll definitely want to know. A wedding planner can cut this cost.

What is the inclement weather plan? Is their a Force Majeur and what is the policy? This is especially pertinent in light of recent events like the Coronavirus, Acts of God, etc.

Does the venue carry liability insurance? Will the venue require you to carry any type of liability insurance, license or permits?

 (Common examples are event insurance or an ABC license if alcohol is being served. This knowledge is especially important for budgeting purposes, additional costs can ruin your budget.) 

Are there any additional taxes? State tax, service tax, resort tax, sales tax or any other fees? 

(It's a HUGE budget consideration. You want to know what the entire venue price,  so this does not come to a surprise to you, and so that you may make the best venue selection for your budget.)

Can you come with your vendors and do a site visit? 

We highly encourage you to do a site visit with at least your planner and photographer. This gives both logistics and a visual to space, set up and decor ideas, as well as helping your photographer choose the best locations for your portraits.

What is the cancellation and refund policy? 

Do you or they provide clean-up? Is there a fee for clean up?

What time do we have to be out of the venue?


Questions for the Florist

Where is their wholesaler (supplier) located? Are they local? 

This can make a big difference should they need something last minute or inventory is low at one supplier. Fresh florals are a perishable item and can only be ordered so far in advance so supplier options within close proximity are a plus and help with peace of mind. 

Set up and delivery charges? 

Cancellation and refund policy? 


Questions for Caterers

When is the final headcount for your wedding due?

Is there a fee for overtime? 

What is entailed in clean up? Do they provide, or are you responsible for clean-up. Another great question for your venue.

What are the uniform/clothing requirements for catering staff?

Cancellation and refund policy? 

Is there a deposit and is it refundable?

Will the food be served by servers or will it be self- serve?


Questions for Photographers

What is the fee for overtime/extending beyond coverage hours? 

Do you offer one or two photographers?

What is the fee if our wedding hours are extended?

What rights will I have to the photos? Will you get a copyright release?

How will the photos be delivered?

When will my photography be delivered?

If photographer is sick, do you provide a refund or replacement photographer?

What is your process for handling family formals? Will there be a photography plan in place?

Will there be a Sneak Peek? Will my photos be on social media?

Cancellation and refund policy?



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Tips for a Virtual Wedding https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/3/tips-for-a-virtual-wedding




• Having A Small Wedding?

Maybe a big wedding isn't YOU. But of course you still want your friends and family to feel included in the day. Why not invite them to celebrate with you 'virtually?' That way you can keep you wedding 'intimate,' while still including all the people who care about you! Especially for those who can not travel due to Covid.


Having A Destination Wedding?

It's no secret that destination weddings will limit your guest count to about 25 people unless you purchase the necessary permits. You will always have  guests who either can't afford to travel or can't et off work. Just because they can't attend, doesn't mean they can watch from the comfort of their own home!


• Important People Can't Make The Trip?

There is almost always,  at least one important person who can't make it to your wedding. Perhaps your Grandparents are unable to travel, or maybe your BFF just had a baby and can't leave him/her at home or find a sitter for your big day. Once again, let them watch virtually!


YOUR FIRST OPTION - Hire A Virtual Wedding Pro


A pro will handle all the details, so that you don't have to worry about it. Our very favorite out there is called Lovestream and they will make live streaming your wedding easier than you can work your Facebook! Not only to they handle all the technical side, but they are able to setup multiple views for your guests, you will also receive  a 'virtual' guest book, and they will send it all to you after the big day!

It's extremely easy for your guests! They will create a custom link for you to send to each guest who may not be able to attend. Your guests will simply have to click the a to watch you both say 'I Do!


OPTION 2-  Hire or use your current Videographer


If you have already brought on a videographer for your wedding, don't be scared to ask them to live stream it! They will already be videoing the day, and many videographers have 'live streaming' packages that you can simple add on. Many DJ's and entertainment companies are offering live streaming services, especially during this difficult time trying to plan and execute your wedding during Covid.

If you go this route, just be sure they give you specific details as to how guests will be able to view the video. Also be sure to ask if you need to have someone available to be available for technical support for your guests who are not present.




Sometimes bringing on a pro isn't within the budget and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a free DIY live stream option, below are the best free platforms we would recommend to you to use if you are working with a budget that just will not allow for additional costs.


Facebook + Instagram Live


There is no professional videographer needed for this one! Or extra expenses!  It is simple! All you have to do is  set up a phone on a tri-pod, (you don't want it shaking the whole time from someone moving around and your video all jumpy to when you go to watch it, it gets you dizzy!  All you do after you set up your tripod/phone set up, hit go live as soon as your ceremony starts. Be sure that you are either Facebook friends with all of your guests or you make your profile public for the day; otherwise, not all your guests will be able to watch it.


Unfortunately your guests will need to have an Instagram or Facebook account.




At this point, most of us are all familiar with zoom,. As in today's day and age it is one of the most popular video conferencing apps being used currently. With zoom, you will simply need to create a meeting and share the meeting ID and password with all of your guests. If you go decide to Zoom your wedding, there are a few things we would recommend for you to keep in mind.


  1. Be sure to have someone available to troubleshoot with your guests as they all try to login. Once again, think about Grandma here!
  2. Encourage your guests to put their zoom on 'Speaker View,' so that they see a full screen of the wedding, instead of all of your guests.
  3. Ask your guests to mute their computer, otherwise your guests won't be able to hear you very well, and can cause unwanted noises.
  4. BE SURE you have your meeting set to RECORD, as you are going to want to be able to go back and watch your video at a later date!



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Signature Wedding Albums https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/2/signature-wedding-albums  

Signature Wedding Albums


Dandelion Weddings + Co. offers many options for your most memorable item from your wedding; your photography and your wedding album. 

DWCO partners with over 7 participating labs and you can easily order straight from your online gallery.

Miller's Professional Lab is one of our participating labs that offers high quality albums and images as well as our other partners. 


ARE YOU PAPER OBSESSED? Choose from a collection of archival photographic and press papers.

FAST SHIPPING! 1-2 day production with free overnight shipping. (Miller's and from participating labs)



5x5, 5x7, 7x5, 6x9, 9x6, 8x8, 8x10, 10x8, 8x12, 12x8, 10x10, 12x12, 15x10

Page Count

5 spread minimum to 50 spread maximum for thin pages and 5 spread minimum to 25 spread maximum for thick pages (1 spread = 2 sides); add spreads in increments of 1

Page Thickness

Thin or Thick pages on all paper types; thin pages are mounted flush to a 1/32" board; thick pages are mounted flush to a 1/16" board


Square or Rounded (Rounded available on photographic paper only)

End Leaf Options

Flat Black and White art paper

Sample Discount

Miller's Signature Album studio samples are available for 25% off. Back cover will be stamped "Sample, Not for Resale."; In Designer PLUS, place SAMPLEALBUM in the voucher code area at checkout. In ROES, choose studio sample in shopping cart.


1-2 days, free overnight shipping; extra services such as texture, debossing, foil stamping, and gilding may require additional time

Design Resources

Custom Design from Miller's Art DepartmentFundy Designer



**Images Copyright of Miller's Professional Lab

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Couples Choice Award Winners - Wedding Wire 2021 https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/1/couples-choice-award-winners---wedding-wire-2021


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Wedding Forward- National Publication https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2021/1/wedding-forward--national-publication We are so excited to announce that Dandelion Weddings + Co. has been selected and published by Wedding Forward! See our published publication on their website and on their Pinterest! 



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Winner • Dandelion Weddings + Co. • The Knot - Best of Weddings 2021 https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/11/winner-dandelion-weddings-co-the-knot---best-of-weddings-2021

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10 Essential Items to Bring to Your Bridal Suite https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/8/top-10-items-to-bring-with-you-to-your-bridal-suite


There are so many details and so much thought that creates a wedding to be a dream day! It’s the small wedding details that add up to telling your complete wedding day story. To curate our couple’s love story, we tell our bride’s bring these items to their getting bridal suite. We would recommend to have all your smaller wedding details placed in a box for convenience and remembrance of where all your important details are, such as jewelry, tiara's etc. for example.


10 Essential Items to Bring to Your Bridal Suite

1.Wooden Hanger

A light color or wood color hanger makes for an elegant photo and compliments your wedding day dress. A bonus idea is to have a custom hanger created with your new last name.

2. Wedding Dress

Have your wedding dress hung up in your getting ready room. Take the plastic and extra paper out of the inside of the dress.

3. Wedding Veil

A bride’s outfit is complete with this accessory. Make sure to cut all tags off of your wedding details before the photographer arrives. 

4. Wedding Invitations

Have the complete set of your wedding invitations, that includes the: wedding invitation, envelopes, wedding save-the-dates, and RSVP’s. A bonus detail is to have a couple of stamps you used for sending the invitations out.

5. Jewelry

Have all your wedding jewelry in the organizational box, that includes your: necklace, earrings, all three wedding rings (Groom’s ring, your engagement ring and Bride’s wedding ring) 

6. Bride’s Shoes

Make sure to take off the stickers from the bottom of the shoes.

7. Bouquet + Boutonnieres

Schedule on your timeline for your maid-of-honor to bring the boutonniere’s over to the groom’s after the photographer grabs a detail photo of them.

8. Perfume

Ideally bring a full perfume bottle. You may want to refresh sometime later in your event.

9. Extras to Make the Details Prettier

In the organizational box have at least one flower and one piece of greenery requested ahead of time from your florist. A bonus is to have a roll of a light silk ribbon. These accents will bring your other wedding details to life.

10. Robes:

Bring a classy robe or clothes that you would want to be photographed in for your make-up touch ups and opening your gift from the groom.

If you’re a bride planning your wedding day, please leave questions at dandelionweddings@outlook.com and I would be happy to answer them in the future blog posts on DWCO!


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NEW Save the Date • DATE ON HOLD + POSTPONED CARDS https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/3/new-save-the-date-date-on-hold-postponed-cards JUST IN!!!! NEW DATE + POSTPONED DATE + SAVE THE DATE CARDS

Printed on any of our luxurious cardstock papers, these high-end cards offer maximum design space for family photos both inside and out. Envelope is included at no extra charge. You may use your own high resolution image or book a session for an additional $150, excludes taxes and shipping. Order today! 


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List of To Do's before I Do's - The Coronavirus and your Wedding Day https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/3/list-of-to-dos-before-i-do-s---the-coronavirus-and-your-wedding-day

The pre-wedding anxiety jitters is common for any couple about to say their I do’s, but instead of stressing over weather or seating arrangements, we now are stressing over a worldwide pandemic. Countless brides and grooms in the United States who are figuring out how to adapt the celebration of a major life event — often a carefully planned, emotional and costly affair — as the virus outbreak has started to significantly disrupt our daily lives.

Many couples whose nuptials take place before more widespread changes hit the United States’ $78 billion wedding industry. While changes are inevitable, weddings will still take place — albeit with various modifications.

Yes, there’s going to be fear about it, but there are things you can do to help the situation at your particular event, and if it weren’t a pandemic, it could possibly be something else, for example: weather. Being a photographer in tourist destination state, we often battle weather, that is normally one of our biggest hurdles. 

I do believe being flexible will help our clients know the ultimate goal is marrying their love. Our clients are not canceling weddings, but guests lists are shortening — especially if guests need to hop on a plane to attend your event or travel. Destination weddings should expect a dramatically reduced guest list. Weddings in which the majority of people can avoid a hotel stay or air travel will have fewer guest list disruptions. This will also help with your catering count. 

There are also benefits to locally sourcing attire, food and entertainment. Anyone who ordered their dress through a company such as David's Bridal, may be experiencing delays in getting their wedding dress or attire in time.  We’re hearing a lot of bridal factories that make wedding dresses in China are getting delayed, so we are advising to plan well in advance or find local alternatives. To avoid problems with getting attire from China. We strongly suggest buying your attire locally. 

For couples getting married in a space widely visited by the general public, like a park district building, public library, museum or popular event space, ask what their cancellation plans look like. And read the contract carefully. For those getting married in busy places of worship. Don't forget to ask about the cleaning procedures.

Depending on how your vendor contracts are written, couples could be on the hook to pay for everything even if you try to change a wedding’s date. Most industry vendors have dealt with weather issues and government shutdowns. A pandemic is much different, of course, but most of our contracts, while they cover acts of God, they lack the human element of a widespread pandemic.

( here @) Dandelion Weddings + Co. are advising clients not to cancel because the majority of them would lose the investment they’ve made, as well with other vendors they have contracts with. You don't want to loose your investment, when you can take precautions prior to your wedding day to alleviate that stress.

Those covered by wedding insurance need to contact their provider and see how canceling will affect them. Canceling even though insured, will still cost you a deductible, normally $500 and up. Even if you already have a policy in place, canceling simply because you fear you or your guests could get the coronavirus would likely not be covered. The fear of something happening, is not quite the same, in insurance terms, as a hurricane or an earthquake actually happening. Only if, say, flights were grounded to your wedding destination, or your venue canceled all events with no refunds, would your insurance even kick in.

The outbreak shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Worldwide, more than 110,500 people have been infected, and more than 4,000 have died. In the U.S., more than 750 cases have been reported, per media outlets.

Also remember, you sent out invites. Invites are also expensive to send, let alone redo because of additional changes. Many friends and family have also already made arrangements for travel and may have booked non-refundable rooms or flights. You canceling your wedding may also cost your guests. Something to definitely consider. 

The Knot, suggests some best practices for letting your guests know in advance. Send printed cards, personal notes or call them individually to let them know, If you have a website set up for your wedding guests, update that, too.

Weddings are by definition all about bringing friends and family together, which is tricky during a period of social distancing. For some guests who were expected to be in attendance, we suggested using technology to help include those who can’t attend in person. Such as Live Facebook Videos.

Here at Dandelion Weddings + Co. we are working with clients who wish to reschedule with no penalties. But we firmly believe that if you take the necessary precautions, your wedding day can go as planned.


 "To Do's Before you I Do" 


• Keep it local.

• Shorten your Guest List.

•Contact your Venue to Inquire about their Cancellation Plans + Procedures. 

• Buy Locally.

•Ask Guests to stay home if sick.

• Find Alternatives - Such as Location or Travel.

• Implement Technology.

• Communicate with your Guests.

• Ask for Virtual Meetings from Vendors instead of in-person.

• Take the "Wait + See" Approach.

• Use your Wedding Website (The Knot, Wedding Wire for ex.) to update guests of changes.

Have the wedding outdoors. Ventilation and light are crucial to decreasing viral transmission, In addition, distancing people to the extent you could – by setting seats at the ceremony a few feet apart, for example – would help decrease the risk for transmission.

• As for the food options, opting for a plated meal instead of a buffet-style meal would reduce the risk. But if you do decide to have a buffet at your reception or event, have each guest use their own silverware to serve themselves instead of a common serving implement that everyone touches.

• Set up hand sanitizer stations at every entrance and avoiding instances such as a communal wine cup at a Catholic wedding

• Purchase Wedding Insurance if you haven't already.





(Dandelion Weddings + Co.) https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/3/list-of-to-dos-before-i-do-s---the-coronavirus-and-your-wedding-day Fri, 13 Mar 2020 15:47:40 GMT
Wedding Wire Couples Choice Awards 2020 https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/1/wedding-wire-couples-choice-awards-2020 Couples Choice Awards 2020Couples Choice Awards 2020


(Dandelion Weddings + Co.) award awards choice couples dandelionweddings photographer planning recommendations reviews southern website wedding weddings winning wire https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2020/1/wedding-wire-couples-choice-awards-2020 Fri, 24 Jan 2020 17:13:23 GMT
We have been Nominated for the Society Stellar Award https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/11/we-have-been-nominated-for-the-society-stellar-award We are so honored to have been nominated for the National Society Stellar Award! Jason and I work dilligently to ensure we make a positive infulence in the wedding industry from every aspect, and look forward to what our future has to offer! We have been blessed with some amazing clients + vendors. It is truly an honor. Hard work pays off! Thank you again! 



(Dandelion Weddings + Co.) Award Awards Best Choosen Events Honored Honors National Nominations of Photographer Photographers Photography Photogrpaher Pro Proud Society Southern Stellar Wedding Weddings Win Winning https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/11/we-have-been-nominated-for-the-society-stellar-award Thu, 07 Nov 2019 00:04:28 GMT
9 Key Questions to Ask a Venue Before Booking https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/8/9-key-questions-to-ask-a-reception-venue

9 Key Questions to Ask a Venue Before Booking

Before you plan to schedule a site visit with a reception venue,  you should first call or email to check the venues availability, capacity, rules/contracts, and pricing. You don’t want to fall in love with what you had in mind as the perfect venue to having your heart broke because it’s not available, won’t hold all your guests, or it’s way beyond the budget you have set for your upcoming event. This doesn't have to be for a wedding event. This pertains to any and all events at reception halls or venues.


When Speaking to a Possible Venue Choice, you should ask the following...

  1. How many hours does the fee include? Are there overtime charges? What is included in their overtime charges? Contract?

    Most reception halls or venues, 4-8 hours is pretty common for an event. You should have time before and after event for any set-up or take down. Ask how much time you will have so you are able to complete everything you have planned including any cleaning that may be required by venue. If it appears that you may go into overtime, make sure you check with your other vendors that will be affected as well, like your photographer, wedding planner or clean up crew. Be sure to get a copy of said contract and fully read it and ask any questions you may have before signing.

  2. What is included in the rental fee or package? Do they provide an inside caterer or do I bring my own? Licenses? Insurance?

    Are there tables, chairs, décor, linens, dishes, or flatware included? Many venues offer collections that include everything and others allow you to bring in everything independently. A four star hotel may sound expensive, but until you look at the costs of furnishing a tent for 200 people, chairs, linens, catering, your expenses quickly add up. Ask about certifications, permits and licenses for your vendors such as catering.

  3. Can the Reception Hall be used for a ceremony and reception? If so, how long does it take to change the room?

    Most hotels and Reception Halls have lobbies, so, quite often rooms can be “flipped” while the guests are having cocktail hour. Or you could also break for photography. Many times half of the room will be set while the other half is used for the ceremony. Your venue will give you a timeline and pricing according to your set up. Even if you plan to have an outside ceremony, you still need to ask this question in case of weather. You don't want it to rain and then wonder who is going to move your ceremony inside day of. This could lead to much stress and possible disaster.

  4. Can I bring in my own vendors or is there a preferred list required by the venue? Do they need licenses or insurance?

    Most venues will let you bring in your own vendors, but preferred vendors are ones you may consider because a preferred vendor translates into - a vendor in good standing. These vendors have worked in the venue before and are familiar with the inner workings and challenges of said venue. They already know the staff and have good working relationships with them. Quite often with caterers, they want them from their list as they have all the proper paperwork and licenses to work at their property or that is required by contract or state licences. They also are familiar with the house kitchen and can ensure your food is warm when promised.

  5. How is alcohol handled at the venue? Can I hire my own Bartender? Licenses? 

    Most commonly venues provide alcohol packages. They are liable for serving the liquor, so this makes sure they are able to manage the flow of your event. If the alcohol packages are a bit pricey, ask if you can bring in your own bartender, and see which way would be more cost effective.

  6. How many people can the space hold according to my room set-up? ( Your Wedding Coordinator can provide you with a seating arrangement or chart prior)

    It’s better for the room to be a little too big than a little too small! Trying to fit more people into a room makes tables crowded and difficult for servers and vendors to provide a proper service. You also may require the additional room due to rain and moving your ceremony inside.

  7. How much are tax and gratuity? Are they included in the package prices?

    Taxes and gratuity can vary greatly from state to state or county to county. Some venues include both in their prices while others add it on. Be sure to consider this when you are planning your budget, as it can be well over 30% of your reception budget, which is a good chunk of change that could have been used elsewhere.

  8. What is the parking situation? Are there Ushers? Permits? Paid Parking? Passes?

    Is there a large parking lot? Can the parking lot accommodate my guest count and vendors?  Will you be sharing the lot with anyone else such as businesses? Is there a valet available and what is their a cost? Will you pass the cost on to your guests or pay for it in advance? Is their handicapped accessible parking provided? Shuttles? Passes? Permits?

  9. What are the payment options? Are their payment plans? Contract?

    Do you take check or credit cards? Can I pay online if booking from another state? What is the payment schedule? What is their cancellation policy? What happens if there is a natural disaster? What happens if I cancel? Is their a deposit? Is the deposit refundable?
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7 Free Wedding Invitation Sample Packs https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/8/free-wedding-invitations-sample-packs 7 Free Wedding Invitation Samples

We believe in personalizing every detail of your big day, including your wedding invites. They should be as unique as you are as a couple.  Designing the perfect invite may require more than seeing a design online to be completely certain that a wedding invite is right for your specific event. That's why we have constructed a list of free wedding invitation samples so the wedding planning is an pleasant experience and you can feel the outstanding quality of the invite and design that you choose or chooses you. 



and your stunning samples will be delivered right to your doorstep. Offer excludes foil-stamped and glitter cards. Includes a 40% coupon offer.



A handpicked mix of flat, foil-pressed, and die-cut invitations, plus swatches of our premium paper. Also sign up for an additional 20%.



Our new free wedding stationary sample kits will help make your big day, your way. Browse through free samples of all our beautiful stationery card stocks, card shapes, and real foil cards. Also included, a glimpse at our available fonts and customization offerings, suggestions for your how to use those wedding photos as home decor, in wall art & online photo books, and a pretty sweet 50% off offer for your wedding stationery order. 


Basic Invite

We offer infinite color combinations, unique designs, and lush papers. You are unique, and your samples should accurately reflect your personality and style. That is why we are willing to offer you a Truly Custom™ sample so that you can see for yourself that customization options and quality do matter.



Elli will ship you one free wedding invitation sample or save the date sample that comes with an envelope, matching response card, and response card envelope.You'll need to enter the code SAMPLE during checkout to get a sample of your chosen design. Shipping is free and no credit card information is required.



PurpleTrail will send you a free wedding invitation sample kit of some of their most popular designs. This is a great way to get a look and feel of some wedding invitations if you really don't know what you want yet. They also lets you personalize any invitation and order it as a sample. This way you can check all the colors, photos, and paper quality to make sure you like it before you submit your full order.


Truly Engaging

Truly Engaging has some unique wedding invitations that are all printed on magnets. You can get a free sample pack 3 free wedding invitations and a swatch of your wedding colors.



(Dandelion Weddings + Co.) 100 7 blog blogs cards charleston dandelion day DIY event events feature free greeting inspiration invitation invites party photographer photographers photography plan planning reception save southern templates top vendors wed wedding weddings https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/8/free-wedding-invitations-sample-packs Wed, 28 Aug 2019 23:52:47 GMT
13 Spring 2020 Wedding Trends https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/8/13-spring-2020-wedding-trends 13 Spring 2020 Wedding Trends by Dandelion Weddings + Co.



We cannot believe it is almost 2020 Spring Wedding Season!  Most couples are already starting to plan their 2020 Spring Wedding! We added here some of the trends that we think will be very popular in the Spring of 2020!


We hope our readers enjoy our Spring 2020 trends blog article! We hope this helps you and  to inspire you when you are planning your BIG DAY!  No matter which trend you choose for wedding theme it is all about enjoying the process, staying true to who you are and personalize your wedding to tell your guests about YOUR love story.

What will be your 2020 trend for your upcoming wedding? Send in your ideas via our contract form!


  • Wedding Dresses will be all about the lacey details that will add a one of a kind style for any wedding dress choice.
  • Wedding Bouquets will be more of a "Botanical Style" vibe surrounded with greenery swags, banners, or individual green florals.
  • Ceremony Décor will be more geared towards shapes and angles decorated in botanical style or greenery. 
  • Seating Charts will be more directed towards the theme of your wedding day.
  • Love Story Tables - a table that is dedicated to each Bride + Groom's Love Story. 
  • Outdoor weddings will have more soft draping and hanging greenery flowers which will create an elegant look for your wedding or reception.
  • Outdoor Edison Lighting will be even more popular come 2020 Spring Wedding Season.
  • Halter Necklines - Halter necklines are becoming very popular with new designers.
  • Ruffles + Puffs - Volume goes a long way! Don't assume that when it comes to these new looks on puffs that biggest is always best.
  • Low Front Hemlines - Fronts of wedding gowns are getting shorter as the back is getting longer in the new 2020 Spring Fashion Trends.
  • Bridal Blazers - Yes! It's a new trend for 2020! 
  • All over Crochet instead of Lace this coming year! 
  • Ivory and Green Colors!

(Dandelion Weddings + Co.) 100 2020 attire augusta best blog blogger blogs bride charleston co color colors dandelion dress fashion groom head hilton ideas inspiration me palettes photographer photography pin pinterest schemes southern spring style top treands trending trends wed wedding weddings https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/8/13-spring-2020-wedding-trends Mon, 12 Aug 2019 20:18:08 GMT
Becoming a Photographer Entrepreneur https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/7/the-photographer-entrepreneur  





Being an entrepreneur your work is never done. It takes a lot of Time, Perseverance, Desire to Grow, + EXTREME Flexibility. 

It’s a ton of work to run a photography business. Many people underestimate the huge amount of time and responsibility it will take behind a computer screen doing countless hours of editing, accounting, and emailing to run a successful photography business. Let’s not forget to mention vendor meet-ups, Styled Shoots and other ways of working towards the promotion of your photography business. 

You’ll go through up times and down times, and some days you’ll just want to throw in the hat due to frustration l, but if you want to be a successful wedding photographer you’ll have to keep moving forward. Running a business is hard work and requires a lot of education + dedication. 

An entrepreneur to me, by definition;  is a risk-taker. An entrepreneur is someone who pursues their passion and is willing to take risks to realize their dreams. To become an entrepreneur is to have a vision, and to have the guts, drive, and motivation to accomplish it. The great thing about being an entrepreneur in photography? You can absolutely make extra side-income from your photography on the side, or you can seek to pursue to make a full-time living from your wedding photography. I first worked part-time then after my education and after my last child graduated high school, I then had the ability to travel and become a full time wedding photographer.

In the beginning my approach was to educate myself first. I wanted to have extensive knowledge and experience with the camera. I started shooting landscapes. I have always been an avid hiker, and I love to trek to the nearest waterfall. Water is challenging because of motion and light. A knowledge of moving objects and light is essential in any type of genre in photography. I learned in detail each setting on a professional camera and how to utilize the settings to create amazing works of art. 

I then decided I seriously needed to further my education and get back in school. I have always been an artist, I started by sketching at a young age, to having a camera in my hands at all times during my childhood and in later years.

I did a lot of decision making on what  schooling would be beneficial for starting a photography business. So I enrolled back into college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and pursued my degree in the Arts and Graphic Design, where I graduated at the top of my class with honors.

Graphic Design education is an excellent tool intertwined with photography. I undoubtedly needed the extensive experience with Photoshop and editing, also to design any logo’s or any type of design work I would need as a photographer, whether it be for promotional materials or for the knowledge of building my own brand and website.

I  started business school three months before I graduated at AI. I wanted to be able to run every aspect of my business model myself that I had created while writing my business plan in business school, where I had also graduated at the top of my class.  I was also selected to be a Guest Speaker at graduation and was featured on the local news about how I overcame tragedy (an automobile accident that left me seriously injured to where I could not continue my duties as a Phlebotomist on my feet 12 hours in an emergency room setting) and had worked many years to finally open my doors as a striving Wedding Photographer. Which was to me, was an excellent way to promote my business - being featured on the local news.

After I gained knowledge of running a successful business completely.  I was able to create myself, logos, flyers, promotional materials, including building my brand and website. My plan was to have no overhead costs while getting my wedding photography business up and running.

So again, a lot of time went into even becoming a business owner, let a lone the time and skill it takes to be a professional wedding photographer. We are speaking of YEARS. It takes years to get the required education and knowledge of every aspect of your soon to be growing business, your brand, style, look and feel of your business. So many things come into play that most never even think of when they say they want to pursue becoming a professional wedding photographer. 

During your years of building your brand, including your business name, model, and the many other things that is needed to run a business,  you will still be gathering knowledge by what works for your business and what does not. You will also learn the hard way by trial and error - just as you did gaining your skills as a photographer. Don't give up! No matter how many times you fail,  it takes a lot of determination to become a successful business owner and professional photographer. 

You can charge a lot of money for this service. Especially if you have a lot of experience. Having a lot of knowledge photographing weddings is transferrable. The skills you learn can help with other photography fields, while expanding your experience in every aspect of wedding photography. This will be particularly helpful if you own freelance business. Your downtimes could be used for photographing portraits or engagements, for example.

In no way is this an easy or stress free area of photography. A lot of time is spent trying to find and meet clients. Then, you need to listen to their wedding plans and wishes and execute them. You only have ONE CHANCE to get your client's wedding or event "right". There is no do overs in wedding + events. So be utterly prepared. Extra batteries, lenses, filters, tripod and additional gear. You can not be over prepared in wedding photography. You prepare yourself for the worst at all times. Weddings are unpredictable and anything can happen. Lateness to an event being rained out due to weather.

As a business owner, you will also want to create a contract to use for your booked events. Writing a contract can be confusing in what all to add to it. You will learn over time, your contract gets longer every year. By gaining experience in events, you will learn by trial and error of what you want to have in your contract. Researching photography contracts is a must. You will also want to be aware of what the laws are in your county or state. Search other photographers in your area, many have their contract online. Reading these will give you an idea and maybe even some ideas you may have never thought of adding to your contract.

So, in closing, I would like to share what I think the TEN BEST things about being a Professional Wedding Photographer;

The 10 Best Things I LOVE about being A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an incredible profession. It’s how many have began as photographers, as a result we can learn an incredible amount in a short timeframe, and you meet so many fantastic people and vendors. Believe me when I tell you it's  not all sunshine and unicorns, there are many truly awesome things about being a wedding photographer. Here’s the top best things I think about being a professional wedding photographer.


1. It's Amazing to be a part of not only a highly Photogenic Event, but to be a part of someone's Life Event is Priceless!

Seriously, weddings to me are amazing events to have the opportunity to shoot. You will never get bored, since there is always something happening, and each wedding is completely different! Not only do they take place in beautiful locations,  or destination resorts, but they are also extremely full of genuine energetic emotion. You get to spend your day capturing happiness, laughter, joy, anticipation, excitement, many times stress and maybe even some sadness. It’s so full of photographic opportunities your mind will absolutely spin and make you dizzy in creativeness, sometimes even overwhelmed. But ,personally for me I love the challenge and how special it is to be asked to create a lifetime of memories for a client. Even the speaking to a potential client is exciting, to see their anticipation and readiness to start planning the wedding of their dreams. It is truly a wonderful experience being surrounded by joy.


2.  I learn a Wide Range Of Photographic Skills + Do's and Don'ts 

As a wedding photographer you’ll find yourself shooting in a wide range of styles and especially weather conditions. There’s a lot time spent in the photojournalistic mindset, then when you switch to being a portrait, maternity or engagement photographer, directing and posing you clients more than what you do within a wedding. You will shoot lots of details, putting on your still life/commercial cap. You may do some shots of the location or venues, drawing on landscape and architectural skills., or join a photo walk in your town. Light-wise you’ll need to learn to shoot in sunlight, shade, rain, snow (if you’re lucky!!!), artificial light, and practically no light. You wind up becoming a very well-rounded shooter, able to adapt to ever-changing scenarios and lighting situations! This is why I am so thankful I started as a landscape photographer, because it is a tricky type of photography, especially with water. 


3.  I learned how To Work Under High Amounts of Stress

When you take photos, you have to make a lot of decisions. When you take photos during a wedding day, you have to make those decisions very quickly, and with sustained attention. Anticipating the moment or the shot can be sometimes overwhelmingly stressful. Sometimes you will have to be 100% focused for up to 14 hours straight., may times not even getting a break. If you haven’t had to do that before, it may sound impossible, but it is doable. It is what you put into it and how you handle stressful situations. The photography itself may not be stressful, but your client may be. But as experienced wedding shooters can tell you, you’ll eventually get used to it. You will soon be able to shoot a wedding in your sleep. After learning how to deal with stress, and you become familiar with the logistics of shooting a wedding you’ll become quite capable working under high amounts of stress. Quick decision making will become second nature, creativity will flow more easily, because you won't be overwhelmed with coming up with a creative idea + the overall stress,  and most importantly you’ll learn to work, + shoot, with much more confidence.

4. I Tell their Story through my Photographs + my overall Attention to Detail

With a wedding you practically have a story built right in to your images. But you have to be up on your game of when to capture these images and emotions during your event. There are characters, scenes, action, emotion, and even wedding themes that are implemented into weddings. Having a story in your images helps to tie them together, and create interest and flow all along the gallery. It also helps when you go to design albums, they will flow flawlessly. 


pictured/ Joy from A Zen Event - Weddings with Joy + Sarah from Hilton Head Vows

5. I Meet Amazing Clients + Vendors

Wedding photography is a people profession, and you get to meet some pretty incredible ones. There are, of course, your clients, who often can become more friends than clients, many for me have became family. (or flients, as I like to call them). Not only do you get to meet them, but you also get time to establish really solid relationships with them and get to know them on a personal level, which makes my job so much more enjoyable. I love to meet diverse individuals. You will also establish relationships with other vendors in the industry. Having good vendor relationships is definitely one avenue you want to keep on the straight and narrow, you want to build relationships, building relationships leads to referrals. If you don't care for a particular vendor, it's best to keep it to yourself. You have a reputation to uphold and you don't want to become known as "that girl" or "guy", because there is a high possibility that you will have another event with them in the future.

There is also even more people you’ll get to meet! There’s the bridal party, who you spend a fair amount of time with, the guests + family members at the wedding. You will create relationships with other vendors you work with, like florists, planners, decorators, etc. You will also get to connect with other local wedding photographers when doing your networking or participating in a styled shoot. They can be an amazing source of support, advice, and friendship and possibly a referral or two when they are booked for a certain day. 


6. I am my own #GIRL BOSS  +  I CHOOSE my Schedule 

Self-employment is no day at the pool folks,   but it can be pretty damn enjoyable. You make all the decisions - although sometimes can be stressful within itself.  By chance, if you are the faint hearted when it comes to stress. Wedding Photography may not be your calling. I also get to set my own hours. I get to decide whether I sit in my PJ's and edit all day, whether days off are Mondays or Fridays (or both!). And if I work really  hard, and succeed, I will reap all the rewards. Extra bonus: you can even work from  your own home! No need to have a brick and mortar business, or the expense. Pretty soon you’ll completely forget what “rush hour traffic” is, and I guarantee after not doing that commute every single day, you will one day go out into 5 pm traffic, for whatever reason, and say to yourself, "wow, I don't miss this - AT ALL"...

7. It allows me to be CREATIVE!

Wedding photography rewards creativity and gets others starting to look at your hard work.  Doing something totally different will get your work noticed among the many other shooters and potential clients. Remember,  doing the same old, same old doesn't get any attention. And since I am the one in charge, I can do whatever inspires me, just as you will. That sort of freedom is just what many creatives need to really let them explore and create something original, in some cases, many like myself have to have some sort of creative outlet.


8.  Your Wanderlust is for FREE!

Weddings happen all around the world, and brides are becoming more and more willing to hire someone out of state or even across the globe if they really feel that they have connected with you. Being a wedding photographer means that you could be exploring the map while shooting amazing events! It certainly takes a lot of work to get your name out there enough to be hired for international or out of state weddings,  but it’s completely possible, and many top shooters seem to be in a different  resort, state or a different country every weekend! Can you imagine? Traveling for free?


9. You get to Photograph a client's Fairytale

People spend countless hours preparing and planning for their wedding day, and a lot of that effort goes into ensuring that they will look their absolute most beautiful. That makes it pretty darn fun to photograph them! They are wearing fantastic outfits, their accessories are carefully chosen, their hair is perfect, and their makeup enhances their features. It’s like they are models for a day, but you still get all the fantastic real emotions. Win-win!


10. Create Work to Add to my Portfolio + Increase my Sales Potential - Setting my own Business Goals

Many wedding photographers can not guarantee that the work they produce will be looked at in 50 years, although I personally would like to think that. The images + timeless albums that you create for your clients will instantly become treasured family heirlooms that will be  passed down from generation to generation. Grandchildren love to look (and maybe giggle) at their grandparents in their wedding photos. I remember as a young girl looking at my parents wedding, and how vintage it looked to me. It was a different time and a different world. It was so enjoyable for me to share that to my children as well.  It means that you get to impact clients and families for generations.

This value is becoming more and more recognized, as wedding photographer is evolving your focus on capturing the feeling of a wedding day, and the real personality of your clients. Many brides now say that the photographer is the most important purchase. That’s pretty rad, isn’t it? You are the most important vendor at their event. You are being counted on and cheered for - to do an amazing knockout job that they know they are going to love for a lifetime! 


Good Luck and Happy Shooting! You got this! You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it!



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9 Groomsmen Gifts they will Adore https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/7/9-groomsmen-gifts-they-will-adore

9 Groomsmen Gifts they will Adore

When it comes to picking out gifts for your buddies,  we all are aware that some guys can be difficult to shop for. This includes the guys that you’ve selected to be your groomsmen, and they are the people you know the best amongst your family + friends. Whether you decide to get the same gift for everyone or whether you choose to give individual gifts, these eight gifts are guaranteed to be something timeless that they can cherish for years to come, it is also a bonus if it is something each can put to good use.


There are fewer gifts that are more practical for a man than a wallet. It’s one thing to get a simple wallet, but to get a personalized engraved wallet is what will make this gift rememberable. The personalization can be a variety of things, such as their name, their initials or something that signifies a personal moment within your friendship. It can be customizable to each groomsmen if you wish. At the very least, have each guy’s name personalized on their wallet to give it that extra personal touch and ensure it won’t ever be mixed up with other wallets you have presented as gifts to the others within your groomsmen party. Other additions can be a group motto or even the date of your upcoming wedding.



Similar to wallets, a watch is just as practical and can actually serve to be very useful on your wedding day. The original intention could be to make sure each groomsman has matching accessories, as like shown above. Our Groom decided on using his groomsmen's initials, and it also helped them keep track of time leading up to the ceremony for their duties as groomsmen. There are lots of moving parts on the big day, and a watch will help everyone keep track of time, so no man goes MIA. Add an engraving on the back of the groomsman’s initials, the date you met, or something else to make it even more personable.


Beer Coozies

If you have a group of groomsmen that will be enjoying alcoholic beverages at your wedding you can bet your groomsman will bring this with them when the time calls. Beer coozies come in a variety of materials so you can select one that is as manly as your group of guys. You’ll be able to choose from a simple to bold colors, customization such as their name, your wedding hashtag or simply a style complete with a bottle opener attached or a cooler-style tote than keeps beers cold for hours. You could also have these available in the Grooms Suite while getting ready for the wedding and include a few of each guys’ favorite brew in it.

Pocket Knives

How many men do you know that don’t have a pocket knife in tote somewhere in their pockets? You probably know more than you think, which is why this gift can be epic. These days pocket knives come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, even complete with other handy tools. You can choose from one with a single blade or multiple ones that serve any type of scenarios, or choose one for more of the "hunting" type. The color or engraving you choose can show each groomsman how much you value their friendship and support through out your special day.


If your group of groomsmen is more accustomed to whiskey than beer, you should invest in a quality personalized flask for each of them. As a former bartender, one of the main complaints from whiskey or liquor drinkers is that ice can dilute their beverage and take away from the taste, as well as it's potency. If you would like to add a personal touch, you can choose a monogrammed glass as part of the set.

Shaving Kit or Shave Club Membership

We all know guys have to shave, and especially on the day of your wedding. A cool shaving kit with a personalized monogram or their initials is a great way to personalize such a gift. For facial-haired friends, the gift of a quality shaving kit can be one that will never be forgotten, and that can definitely be put to good daily use. Some men spend a good amount of time crafting their beards and mustaches to perfection, and this gift shows you support their personal style. Most kits include a razor and scissors, but you can go the extra mile to find one that comes with a straight edge, shaving foam, and trimmers that are adjustable to meet their desired length. Or even a gift card enclosed for a bad-ass Shave Club, you could even pick out personalized products for each of your bearded friends.

Travel Case

Grooms will find a simple and thoughtful gift in a travel case, and may even help them keep small items such as keys or glasses in one place during your event. Travel cases can be a variety of sizes and materials to allow your groomsman the flexibility to use it as they see fit. It easily doubles as a shave bag, and it is great to keep small items together when traveling. They will think of you whenever they are on-the-go and always remember the good times that have came along with your friendship. Have their initials added as a personal touch. Many come with custom designs, such as a deer for that avid hunter or other designs that may reflect the style of your best guys.


Bottle Openers

Another great gift for the guys. A special bottle opener, or one that is engraved. Many of you have seen the key type bottle openers at other friends and families weddings or events, but a bottle opener could also serve as a great gift idea or an addition to an awesome flask or personalized glassware.


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Misconceptions of Wedding Vendors and How to Prevent Them https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/6/misconceptions-of-wedding-vendors-and-how-to-prevent-them

Wedding vendors in the wedding industry are faced with many obstacles in every event. Some obstacles are beyond any one person's control. ie. weather, lighting, conditions, wet, 100 degrees, guests or clients being uncooperative in timing and other issues.


Nearly all of us pull through with the challenges we face and overcome the obstacles and pull off your event without a bump in the road,  but what if your obstacles also included a client that is unknowledgeable about your actual duties, or their expectations outweigh their budget?


As a photographer, I have seen many clients over the years have misconceptions from questions like, ie. assuming that you deliver every photo taken; that every image turns out; that you possibly just walk around taking pictures - what an easy job you have, and that the camera does all the work. Many misconceptions of what my duties as a photographer actually are. If you are a photographer or wedding vendor and you are reading this blog post, I am sure you are feeling my vibe right about now, I laugh.


Most of us have had this experience, where a client had many misconceptions and expectations that exceed their budget and or contracts, or were in breach of contract and feel as if they had no control of their event and they want someone to blame because there wedding wasn't the fairy tale they envisioned it would be.


In response, you should remain professional, and my best advice in a response, is whether you take it personally or not, cool off and get your head together and respond accordingly, mannerly and professionally. You have a reputation to uphold, and be "better" than stooping down to the level of taking it personal, remember this is just a part of business.


In this age, you can't make everyone happy, it is not just on your shoulders to do so- but you can remain professional! Your actions are a reflection upon not only you but also your business and the vendors you work with and for.


There are some clients that you just can not satisfy. This is the sole purpose of your wedding vendor having a good contract. To cover all of those bases of problems arising from misconceptions and far outweighed expectations. A good informative website is also a helpful tool in "educating" your potential client. But you still, unfortunately will still have "the unsatisfied" client.


When you receive that complaint or concern- read it, try to put yourself in their shoes, but at the same time, make sure that you don't allow a client to push you into a corner that you don't deserve to be in. 


After reading, investigate the matter of their complaint. Ask yourself - Do they have a valid complaint? Did your contract promise more than you delivered? Did the client bring up any of these concerns prior or during their event? Was this event on schedule? Did you clients abide by their contract? Did you fulfill your end of the agreement? These are some questions you may ask yourself prior to any written response.


Always keep any correspondence that you have with your clients during the duration of your contract. I personally keep messages and client files for many years, as well as any vendors we may work with.


You want to address their issues and concerns, but there will be situations that arise that you personally had no control of. If you are not guilty of any wrong doing, should you offer a discount? My answer is no, even if you are just trying to avoid a bad review. Returning funds when there is no basis, does not ensure you that the client still will not make an unfavorable review. It is also admitting on your part, that you were at some level of fault. 


Over the years, we live and learn from experience, this is what makes us human. This is also the main reason for contracts and the adding of more policies to current contracts. We have all heard that saying " there is always that one person ruins it for the rest of us", and that is 100% the issue in most cases when additional policies are applied to current contracts. 


So, now you have come a crossroad. Any way you go, your client is not going to be satisfied in any answer you give them, regardless if they were in the wrong, or refuse to take responsibility for their own actions that may have lead up to the dissatisfaction of oneself or their event. I feel at this point they have made the "decision" to stop using self control, so here comes a long line of excuses of "why" it is your fault, and all the excuses in the world will still not be enough excuse for you in taking the blame for your clients actions. 


There are plenty of us wedding vendors that have a contract or clauses in their contracts for such behavior from a client. Some of you may have read a contract and have thought to yourself, "what kind of crazy sh*t is this?" laughing 


I have spoke with other fellow vendors and some even have in their contracts if they feel threatened in any way whether by a guest or client, they have the right to terminate services and leave.


I bet there is an amazing change of attitude watching a "nasty" client regain full self control when they see their photographer or wedding vendor start packing up to leave, and understand there is only way for them to come back. Even better - anyone could get them to control themselves - bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and others - if they would just stand up to it and say to the Bride or dissatisfied client by simply saying "I'm not participating in this if you don't control yourself." But they cowardly allow the clients childish temper tantrum continue.


In part, this feeds to the anxieties, stress and anger or dissatisfaction of your client and can make matters much worse. I have witnessed sisters- Bride and Maid of Honor gang up on a  fellow vendor and speak to them disrespectfully. This is not how you want to speak to a vendor that is in charge of your big day. If you hired a good vendor, believe me when I say they have the same goals and your best interest at heart.


As a potential client, or client, ask yourself this -Don't you want them to do an amazing job? First step in helping that be a success is to treat your vendor with the same mannerism that you would respect in return.


Have you ever heard the saying, don't talk nasty to the person who is going to prepare your food, they might spit in it? It is pretty much the same concept. Not saying your vendor would do that, because then that is just hurting their future business.  It is merely just a concept some may use if they feel the need to have fear instilled in them in order for them to be nice.


If you are a potential client reading this, always remember to treat your vendors with respect, and as you would want to be treated. Your wedding vendors are there to do a job, and everyone does a better job not working in a stressful situation.


As I stated earlier in this post, we have to be prepared for any weather, any lighting situations, lateness of guests or vendors, traffic, your requests, your package or purchase, your payments, your plans, we also have to plan and execute said plan during your event. So, we already have our own stress to deal with. Being a nasty client only gets everyone upset, including yourself and adds unneeded stress for your wedding day.


Tip: If you want your wedding vendor to put their feet in your shoes, you also need to give them the same respect. Voice your concerns day of, right at that moment, don't wait until later, later may just be a little too late. 


Everyone works better together with a mutual respect, patience and understanding. Waiting until the last minute doesn't get anything accomplished nor will it be beneficial to you , your vendor or event. If issues are brought to the attention of your vendor immediately, many things can be changed in order to provide a better service. This may also prevent you from being dissatisfied with your services or how your event turned out. So, don't set yourself up for disappointment, inform yourself, read your contracts, ask questions, keep all correspondence, raise your concerns immediately, not later. We all have the same goal, but it takes an entire team to accomplish it. 

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Why the Relationships of your Wedding Vendors are Important https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/5/tips-for-hiring-the-best-wedding-vendors-for-your-event Joy + SarahOwners - A Zen Event - Weddings with Joy + Sarah's Hilton Head Vows

Hiring Wedding Vendors? What you need to know - The Importance of Vendor Relationships

As a wedding photographer, I have personally worked with hundreds of wedding vendors. Some have been out of this world amazing, and some not so much. But you have that with any job. I am extremely thankful and blessed to have by my side some amazing vendors we prefer to work with over the competition.

When vendors such as Joy from a Zen Event - Weddings with Joy and Sarah from Sarah's Hilton Head Vows, work one of my events, I know exactly what I am getting - and more importantly my client.  There are no questions about it.

These two women are highly dedicated to their jobs, and to the vendors they work along side with at their every event.  Not to mention; They are FUN to work with, they are passionate about what they do. Ensuring your day will go off without a hitch!

Here at Dandelion Weddings + Co. we offer a Preferred Vendors List, and this blog post is the exact reason we do have one available to our clients.  Hiring the best vendors is the key to you having an amazing event.


When you hire your wedding vendors, many of your vendors are going to suggest who they think would:

Be a perfect match for your event.

Have the most Experience.

Work well with others.

Be dependable and affordable.

Goes above and beyond for client.

Has same business practices.

Gives 100%.

Take their advice. You want a group of vendors that compliment each other, that work well together and that are committed to their job - you being one happy client. 

The group of vendors you hire is extremely beneficial to your event going as planned. Having vendors who work well together and that will even pitch in to help the other vendor is what you want more than anything for your event.

There may be times when events don't go as planned, whether it be rain, lateness, or you may need chairs dried off and immediately brought in due to rain. 

If you have hired a great team, your team will, whether it be a Photographer, a DJ, or the Officiant - will pull together and do what needs to be done, time is of the essence.

Vendors that work well together are more capable of being an actual "team player"- with the same goals in mind - once again - you being a happy client. A good team will pull together and make it happen, often, saving your special day.

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Knowing the Importance of your Wedding Photographer https://www.dandelionweddings.com/blog/2019/3/knowing-the-importance-of-your-wedding-photographer

"Just remember... The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but your wedding photos last forever..."


As wedding photographers, we go above and beyond to create the best experience for our bride and groom. We have always had incredible experiences with our brides, but we have heard some hard stories from other photographers about couples that didn’t exactly know how to treat them well. We’ve been thinking a lot  about this subject, and we believe it’s a really important part of your engagement and wedding process – knowing the importance of your wedding photographer!


Helpful Tips 

  • Thank them in your long list of thank you’s. When you’re doing your speech, thank your photographer for being there to capture it. Honor them for what they’ve done for you the whole day. Photographers don't get breaks and are on their feet for up to 12 hours or more capturing your event. Prior to your event, your photographer has more than likely already done your engagement session among various paperwork and collecting information as well as billing for your event. Planning is involved to ensure creative photographs and portraits. A photographer is your most important vendor that you have secured. Your photographer will create a lifetime of memories, yours to keep and cherish forever. 

  • Give them a meal. Don’t forget to write down your photographers to get a meal, if you’re having a catered sit down meal. And give them a table! Most likely they will appreciate sitting away from the guests, because the 15 minutes of eating is their only time the whole day without constant interaction. The quiet will energize them again for the next planned event on your itinerary. Remember, photographers are on the go all day, they need and appreciate that down time to relax for a moment and may also need time to organize some gear for the next part of your event. 

  • Write to them after your wedding day. Even if it’s just a quick text, and even if you haven’t seen any of their photos yet. Let them know you loved them being there, you enjoyed their personality, or that your guests can’t stop raving about them! Offer to write a review, word of mouth is a huge influence on small business, and they will absolutely appreciate it.

  • If they send you highlight photos, RESPOND to them! It’s amazing how many people don’t respond (I’ve been a bride, I know how hard it can be to find words to text/email back, and it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement without letting the photographer know what you think). Give them a ton of encouragement and let them know which photo you loved the most! A photographer takes many hours of diligently going through thousands of photos and picking out the feature photos of your event and editing each and every one by hand. To edit one photo can take up to 20 mins. As a wedding photographer, it takes me nearly 35 hours for an engagement, that is to shoot, edit and return, weddings - 12 hours + one full week of editing x 12 hours per day. Let that sink in a minute.

  • Send them a thank you gift, no matter how small, or a greeting card.  I know what you’re thinking – but I paid them! The gift can simply be a handwritten note telling them how much you loved the photos, the wedding favor you gave your guests on the day, the thank you card you send your other guests, or a personalized gift to let them know you appreciate them and all the hard work they did for you.

  • Have respectful boundaries. Don’t expect your photographer to respond to your emails, texts or comments on social media at 11pm at night.

  • Tip your photographer. With so many wedding expenses, gratuities can add up, and it's easy to lose track of what's expected. Here's when, how and what to tip each of your wedding vendors.

    When to Tip: Tip your photographer at the end of the reception.The Standard: $50–$200 per Wedding Vendor. Tipping is Optional. You're not expected to give your photographers or vendors any money beyond their normal fees. But if the wedding photographer own the studio, consider tipping each person (or give a certain amount with a thank-you note to disperse to your wedding vendor + staff). 


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