Why the Relationships of your Wedding Vendors are Important

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Joy + SarahOwners - A Zen Event - Weddings with Joy + Sarah's Hilton Head Vows

Hiring Wedding Vendors? What you need to know - The Importance of Vendor Relationships

As a wedding photographer, I have personally worked with hundreds of wedding vendors. Some have been out of this world amazing, and some not so much. But you have that with any job. I am extremely thankful and blessed to have by my side some amazing vendors we prefer to work with over the competition.

When vendors such as Joy from a Zen Event - Weddings with Joy and Sarah from Sarah's Hilton Head Vows, work one of my events, I know exactly what I am getting - and more importantly my client.  There are no questions about it.

These two women are highly dedicated to their jobs, and to the vendors they work along side with at their every event.  Not to mention; They are FUN to work with, they are passionate about what they do. Ensuring your day will go off without a hitch!

Here at Dandelion Weddings + Co. we offer a Preferred Vendors List, and this blog post is the exact reason we do have one available to our clients.  Hiring the best vendors is the key to you having an amazing event.


When you hire your wedding vendors, many of your vendors are going to suggest who they think would:

Be a perfect match for your event.

Have the most Experience.

Work well with others.

Be dependable and affordable.

Goes above and beyond for client.

Has same business practices.

Gives 100%.

Take their advice. You want a group of vendors that compliment each other, that work well together and that are committed to their job - you being one happy client. 

The group of vendors you hire is extremely beneficial to your event going as planned. Having vendors who work well together and that will even pitch in to help the other vendor is what you want more than anything for your event.

There may be times when events don't go as planned, whether it be rain, lateness, or you may need chairs dried off and immediately brought in due to rain. 

If you have hired a great team, your team will, whether it be a Photographer, a DJ, or the Officiant - will pull together and do what needs to be done, time is of the essence.

Vendors that work well together are more capable of being an actual "team player"- with the same goals in mind - once again - you being a happy client. A good team will pull together and make it happen, often, saving your special day.


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