9 Groomsmen Gifts they will Adore

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When it comes to picking out gifts for your buddies,  we all are aware that some guys can be difficult to shop for. This includes the guys that you’ve selected to be your groomsmen, and they are the people you know the best amongst your family + friends. Whether you decide to get the same gift for everyone or whether you choose to give individual gifts, these eight gifts are guaranteed to be something timeless that they can cherish for years to come, it is also a bonus if it is something each can put to good use.


There are fewer gifts that are more practical for a man than a wallet. It’s one thing to get a simple wallet, but to get a personalized engraved wallet is what will make this gift rememberable. The personalization can be a variety of things, such as their name, their initials or something that signifies a personal moment within your friendship. It can be customizable to each groomsmen if you wish. At the very least, have each guy’s name personalized on their wallet to give it that extra personal touch and ensure it won’t ever be mixed up with other wallets you have presented as gifts to the others within your groomsmen party. Other additions can be a group motto or even the date of your upcoming wedding.



Similar to wallets, a watch is just as practical and can actually serve to be very useful on your wedding day. The original intention could be to make sure each groomsman has matching accessories, as like shown above. Our Groom decided on using his groomsmen's initials, and it also helped them keep track of time leading up to the ceremony for their duties as groomsmen. There are lots of moving parts on the big day, and a watch will help everyone keep track of time, so no man goes MIA. Add an engraving on the back of the groomsman’s initials, the date you met, or something else to make it even more personable.


Beer Coozies

If you have a group of groomsmen that will be enjoying alcoholic beverages at your wedding you can bet your groomsman will bring this with them when the time calls. Beer coozies come in a variety of materials so you can select one that is as manly as your group of guys. You’ll be able to choose from a simple to bold colors, customization such as their name, your wedding hashtag or simply a style complete with a bottle opener attached or a cooler-style tote than keeps beers cold for hours. You could also have these available in the Grooms Suite while getting ready for the wedding and include a few of each guys’ favorite brew in it.

Pocket Knives

How many men do you know that don’t have a pocket knife in tote somewhere in their pockets? You probably know more than you think, which is why this gift can be epic. These days pocket knives come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, even complete with other handy tools. You can choose from one with a single blade or multiple ones that serve any type of scenarios, or choose one for more of the "hunting" type. The color or engraving you choose can show each groomsman how much you value their friendship and support through out your special day.


If your group of groomsmen is more accustomed to whiskey than beer, you should invest in a quality personalized flask for each of them. As a former bartender, one of the main complaints from whiskey or liquor drinkers is that ice can dilute their beverage and take away from the taste, as well as it's potency. If you would like to add a personal touch, you can choose a monogrammed glass as part of the set.

Shaving Kit or Shave Club Membership

We all know guys have to shave, and especially on the day of your wedding. A cool shaving kit with a personalized monogram or their initials is a great way to personalize such a gift. For facial-haired friends, the gift of a quality shaving kit can be one that will never be forgotten, and that can definitely be put to good daily use. Some men spend a good amount of time crafting their beards and mustaches to perfection, and this gift shows you support their personal style. Most kits include a razor and scissors, but you can go the extra mile to find one that comes with a straight edge, shaving foam, and trimmers that are adjustable to meet their desired length. Or even a gift card enclosed for a bad-ass Shave Club, you could even pick out personalized products for each of your bearded friends.

Travel Case

Grooms will find a simple and thoughtful gift in a travel case, and may even help them keep small items such as keys or glasses in one place during your event. Travel cases can be a variety of sizes and materials to allow your groomsman the flexibility to use it as they see fit. It easily doubles as a shave bag, and it is great to keep small items together when traveling. They will think of you whenever they are on-the-go and always remember the good times that have came along with your friendship. Have their initials added as a personal touch. Many come with custom designs, such as a deer for that avid hunter or other designs that may reflect the style of your best guys.


Bottle Openers

Another great gift for the guys. A special bottle opener, or one that is engraved. Many of you have seen the key type bottle openers at other friends and families weddings or events, but a bottle opener could also serve as a great gift idea or an addition to an awesome flask or personalized glassware.



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