13 Spring 2020 Wedding Trends

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13 Spring 2020 Wedding Trends by Dandelion Weddings + Co.



We cannot believe it is almost 2020 Spring Wedding Season!  Most couples are already starting to plan their 2020 Spring Wedding! We added here some of the trends that we think will be very popular in the Spring of 2020!


We hope our readers enjoy our Spring 2020 trends blog article! We hope this helps you and  to inspire you when you are planning your BIG DAY!  No matter which trend you choose for wedding theme it is all about enjoying the process, staying true to who you are and personalize your wedding to tell your guests about YOUR love story.

What will be your 2020 trend for your upcoming wedding? Send in your ideas via our contract form!


  • Wedding Dresses will be all about the lacey details that will add a one of a kind style for any wedding dress choice.
  • Wedding Bouquets will be more of a "Botanical Style" vibe surrounded with greenery swags, banners, or individual green florals.
  • Ceremony Décor will be more geared towards shapes and angles decorated in botanical style or greenery. 
  • Seating Charts will be more directed towards the theme of your wedding day.
  • Love Story Tables - a table that is dedicated to each Bride + Groom's Love Story. 
  • Outdoor weddings will have more soft draping and hanging greenery flowers which will create an elegant look for your wedding or reception.
  • Outdoor Edison Lighting will be even more popular come 2020 Spring Wedding Season.
  • Halter Necklines - Halter necklines are becoming very popular with new designers.
  • Ruffles + Puffs - Volume goes a long way! Don't assume that when it comes to these new looks on puffs that biggest is always best.
  • Low Front Hemlines - Fronts of wedding gowns are getting shorter as the back is getting longer in the new 2020 Spring Fashion Trends.
  • Bridal Blazers - Yes! It's a new trend for 2020! 
  • All over Crochet instead of Lace this coming year! 
  • Ivory and Green Colors!



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