Supporting Wedding Clients on the Frontline

April 14, 2020  •  1 Comment

Meet John and his beautiful wife Donna. John and his wife are clients of Dandelion Weddings + Co. From Engagement, Wedding, and Maternity, they both have been more than clients. They have become our friends, a part of the family. John and Donna just welcomed a new addition to their family, a beautiful healthy baby girl. Dandelion Weddings + Co. is commited to supporting their frontline clients during this crisis of Covid-19, and would like to offer ways you, yourself can support your frontline workers.

About John

John has been working as an RN at Roper Hospital in Charleston, SC. He is just another one of our healthcare workers on the front line that is risking his health for the health and needs of others. 

Everyone has encountered nurses at some point in their lives, starting with birth and progressing through routine check-ups and the occasional medical emergency. Nurses are on the front line of the medical industry, yet they are often overworked and underappreciated.

In a recent survey by the American Nurses Association, 58% of nurses say their workload has increased in the last 12 months. This means that they are forced to get more done and need tools to improve productivity. Thus being a difficult task during this Covid- 19 pandemic. Every day John is risking getting sick, or getting his growing family sick due to the ongoing demand of PPE.

Although, medical workers, like John are on the front lines of the frightening coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world - doctors and nurses are being hailed as heroes.

The cartoon memes with nurses joining the likeness of fictional superheroes are touching; the many t-shirts with nurses flexing their muscles like Rosie the Riveter are also inspiring. Even the lessons of Florence Nightingale’s nursing practice during the Crimean War are still being applied today during the COVID-19 pandemic — (basic handwashing, maintaining standards of cleanliness, learning from the data, and more).

Nurses like John are working to treat COVID-19 patients or preparing for future influx don't necessarily need a super hero worship from their spouses, other family members and friends. An uninterrupted nap or someone else to run the errands could be far more preferable.

For all of the world citizens who'd like to translate their admiration and support for nurses into thoughtful gestures, here are some suggestions from nurse spouses, friends and nurses themselves.




1. Do whatever you can to ease home life for your nurse spouse.

2. Lock-down, shelter in place or quarantine. Stay at home.

3. Offer support for nurses with kids.

4. Voice your support for frontline coronavirus responders.

5. Take over the at-home watch for COVID-19 spread.

6. Take some of the emotional burden off nurses within your community. Be kind.

7. Volunteer yourself.

8. Donate masks + PPE Supplies.

9. Don't forget to text. A cheerful supportive text WILL be appreciated.

10. Reinforce the nurse's sacrifice.


Recognition is especially meaningful during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC! Support your local front line workers like John! 


John Alexander Odom(non-registered)
Thank you so much for these kind words! I go to work each day with my heart open to help others. I love my job and will gladly continue to help others anyway I can. I think COVID 19 has brought more awareness to not only Healthcare professionals, but to teachers, grocery store workers, food industry workers, and everyone else who help keep our nation running whether it be during a crisis or just a regular day. I want to thank every one of these heroes as well!
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