10 Essential Items to Bring to Your Bridal Suite

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There are so many details and so much thought that creates a wedding to be a dream day! It’s the small wedding details that add up to telling your complete wedding day story. To curate our couple’s love story, we tell our bride’s bring these items to their getting bridal suite. We would recommend to have all your smaller wedding details placed in a box for convenience and remembrance of where all your important details are, such as jewelry, tiara's etc. for example.


10 Essential Items to Bring to Your Bridal Suite

1.Wooden Hanger

A light color or wood color hanger makes for an elegant photo and compliments your wedding day dress. A bonus idea is to have a custom hanger created with your new last name.

2. Wedding Dress

Have your wedding dress hung up in your getting ready room. Take the plastic and extra paper out of the inside of the dress.

3. Wedding Veil

A bride’s outfit is complete with this accessory. Make sure to cut all tags off of your wedding details before the photographer arrives. 

4. Wedding Invitations

Have the complete set of your wedding invitations, that includes the: wedding invitation, envelopes, wedding save-the-dates, and RSVP’s. A bonus detail is to have a couple of stamps you used for sending the invitations out.

5. Jewelry

Have all your wedding jewelry in the organizational box, that includes your: necklace, earrings, all three wedding rings (Groom’s ring, your engagement ring and Bride’s wedding ring) 

6. Bride’s Shoes

Make sure to take off the stickers from the bottom of the shoes.

7. Bouquet + Boutonnieres

Schedule on your timeline for your maid-of-honor to bring the boutonniere’s over to the groom’s after the photographer grabs a detail photo of them.

8. Perfume

Ideally bring a full perfume bottle. You may want to refresh sometime later in your event.

9. Extras to Make the Details Prettier

In the organizational box have at least one flower and one piece of greenery requested ahead of time from your florist. A bonus is to have a roll of a light silk ribbon. These accents will bring your other wedding details to life.

10. Robes:

Bring a classy robe or clothes that you would want to be photographed in for your make-up touch ups and opening your gift from the groom.

If you’re a bride planning your wedding day, please leave questions at [email protected] and I would be happy to answer them in the future blog posts on DWCO!



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