Tips for a Virtual Wedding

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• Having A Small Wedding?

Maybe a big wedding isn't YOU. But of course you still want your friends and family to feel included in the day. Why not invite them to celebrate with you 'virtually?' That way you can keep you wedding 'intimate,' while still including all the people who care about you! Especially for those who can not travel due to Covid.


Having A Destination Wedding?

It's no secret that destination weddings will limit your guest count to about 25 people unless you purchase the necessary permits. You will always have  guests who either can't afford to travel or can't et off work. Just because they can't attend, doesn't mean they can watch from the comfort of their own home!


• Important People Can't Make The Trip?

There is almost always,  at least one important person who can't make it to your wedding. Perhaps your Grandparents are unable to travel, or maybe your BFF just had a baby and can't leave him/her at home or find a sitter for your big day. Once again, let them watch virtually!


YOUR FIRST OPTION - Hire A Virtual Wedding Pro


A pro will handle all the details, so that you don't have to worry about it. Our very favorite out there is called Lovestream and they will make live streaming your wedding easier than you can work your Facebook! Not only to they handle all the technical side, but they are able to setup multiple views for your guests, you will also receive  a 'virtual' guest book, and they will send it all to you after the big day!

It's extremely easy for your guests! They will create a custom link for you to send to each guest who may not be able to attend. Your guests will simply have to click the a to watch you both say 'I Do!


OPTION 2-  Hire or use your current Videographer


If you have already brought on a videographer for your wedding, don't be scared to ask them to live stream it! They will already be videoing the day, and many videographers have 'live streaming' packages that you can simple add on. Many DJ's and entertainment companies are offering live streaming services, especially during this difficult time trying to plan and execute your wedding during Covid.

If you go this route, just be sure they give you specific details as to how guests will be able to view the video. Also be sure to ask if you need to have someone available to be available for technical support for your guests who are not present.




Sometimes bringing on a pro isn't within the budget and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a free DIY live stream option, below are the best free platforms we would recommend to you to use if you are working with a budget that just will not allow for additional costs.


Facebook + Instagram Live


There is no professional videographer needed for this one! Or extra expenses!  It is simple! All you have to do is  set up a phone on a tri-pod, (you don't want it shaking the whole time from someone moving around and your video all jumpy to when you go to watch it, it gets you dizzy!  All you do after you set up your tripod/phone set up, hit go live as soon as your ceremony starts. Be sure that you are either Facebook friends with all of your guests or you make your profile public for the day; otherwise, not all your guests will be able to watch it.


Unfortunately your guests will need to have an Instagram or Facebook account.




At this point, most of us are all familiar with zoom,. As in today's day and age it is one of the most popular video conferencing apps being used currently. With zoom, you will simply need to create a meeting and share the meeting ID and password with all of your guests. If you go decide to Zoom your wedding, there are a few things we would recommend for you to keep in mind.


  1. Be sure to have someone available to troubleshoot with your guests as they all try to login. Once again, think about Grandma here!
  2. Encourage your guests to put their zoom on 'Speaker View,' so that they see a full screen of the wedding, instead of all of your guests.
  3. Ask your guests to mute their computer, otherwise your guests won't be able to hear you very well, and can cause unwanted noises.
  4. BE SURE you have your meeting set to RECORD, as you are going to want to be able to go back and watch your video at a later date!




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