NEW!!!! Live Streaming! Virtual Wedding Services

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  WE NOW OFFER LIVE VIDEO WEDDING STREAMING! Online wedding ceremony_1Online wedding ceremony_1

We are excited to announce we are now currently offering Live Streaming Services for your upcoming wedding or event. We truly understand the "want" for everyone that is important to you be in attendance to witness the biggest day of your lives. These services will truly allow every special person to attend, who may not be able to physically attend because of travel, Covid, illness or age. There is now NO reason for that special guest to miss a beat! Learn more by contacting us today! Current clients may also add this service to their existing booking and or payment plan.


The Benefits of Live Streaming your Wedding

1. Most importantly, no one misses your wedding.

2. Lowers your wedding costs; such as catering or bar service.

3. Lowers your attendance. Which makes it safer for those you care about the most, and also your guests.

4. Saves Family Travel Cost, and Less Risks for Covid, especially for those family members whom are compromised.

5. An inexpensive way to express to all those you love that you don't want them to miss your big day for any reason! 




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