Looking for MORE than just a Photographer?

April 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I never expected to be as fortunate as I am, to get to wake up every morning and do what I love. I have an unbelievably amazing husband with whom I get to share all these wonderful experiences. He is a great business partner and a very talented photographer in his own right. The current wedding market is too heavily focused on branding and marketing-- somewhere along the line I think everyone forgot that wedding photography is about caring deeply for the amazing people we get to work with. Capturing all those wonderful moments that make up a wedding!  You have to do this job because you love it! 

Every couple has a vision for their wedding day: there is personal meaning in each finely curated detail and a unique history behind every fleeting moment between loved ones.

Tori and Jason have spent years (nearly two decades) perfecting a distinctive style that captures your individual story with refinement and honesty, blending fine art intentionality with a documentarian’s eye for the spontaneous. The end results are authentic photographs that will transport you back to your once-in-a-lifetime wedding events, preserving them in time as you continue to build your life together in the coming years.

Allow us to tell your love story through our beautiful photography! Ask about a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY! 


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