Hannah + her MOH in GA picking the cotton needed for her dream DIY arbor at a local farm in GA

As much cotton as you can bundle...the sweet farmer siad...

Her second trip gathering more cotton...

Hannah's DIY Dream Wedding Arbor Inspiration

What’s a romantic and personalized wedding vision without a little DIY? Take it from one of our crafty brides, Hannah. It’s easier than you might think to incorporate your own wedding style without turning to costly rentals and top-dollar wedding professionals to incorporate your wedding vision. So, without further ado, this is Hannah and her MOH in a field at a local farm in Southeast Georgia picking the cotton for her dream wedding arbor!

Hannah found an arbor on Pinterest that she fell in love with. After pricing what her dream arbor would cost, over a $1000, Hannah decided, she is going to have her dream wedding arbor. Hannah ended up doing a Google search, looking for local farmers in Southeast Georgia. She found a Farm Bureau site, there was listed a farmer with a phone number. Hannah reaches out to the farmer, and where he was so remote, he couldn't believe she located him. After speaking to him, he graciously offers to allow her and her MOH to come to his farm and pick as much cotton as they will need to make her dream arbor at no cost to her.

All Hannah and her MOH had to do is the work in picking and preparing the cotton for her dream arbor. And believe me, they put in some work. Picking cotton is a task. Regardless, sometimes it takes work to make your dreams come true! Another wonderful addition to this entire story, is that Hannah will always have not only the memories we capture of her dream wedding arbor at her wedding, but with each look at her wedding pictures, she will be able to reflect on her adventures of creating her own dream wedding arbor. To us, It just doesn't get any cooler than that!


Hannah had found her dream wedding arbor inspiration on Pinterest. This is the photo that inspired her adventure of creating her own DIY Wedding Arbor.

Hannah's Inspiration she found on Pinterest