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Owner-Lead Photographer + Creative Director

Creative storytelling is our forté. If you need help telling your story, we’re here to help. Our committed Team is made up of the best photographers in the industry, we heavily value client and family relationships— between you and your loved ones, because that’s what inspires us! We are driven by honest raw emotions, and we approach wedding photography with sheer excitement and sincerity, as it's sincerely our privilege to create an elegant visual narrative of your wedding story.


Co-Owner + Lead Photographer

My favorite is working with the Groomsmen (of course I like working with the guys...) and I LIVE for catching memorable in-the-moment candids. I have a natural ability to be wherever a candid moment is happening and at the right time.

Jason's alternate perspective completes our well-rounded coverage of all of the special moments you dearly want captured. His additional perspectives gives us such an advantage to having an abundance of great images for the client.


Being the wedding photographer means being the one to capture the day and tell the story of their big day by freezing fraction of a second moments, that are otherwise gone, forever. As the one to document one of the most important days in someone’s life is a huge responsibility. But this concept of capturing these key moments (and the moments between moments) is truly what it is all about. These photos will be the only artifacts left after the wedding for couples to relive their big day and quite often they are amazed and enthused at the mini candid moments that are captured that they had no idea was even being photographed. As photographers, we can't hardly wait for you to be able to replay your wedding, capturing moments you may have not seen yourself. It is quite rewarding.


A lot goes into planning a wedding, this is why weddings are packed with so much emotion. By the time we first meet with the couple, through all of the communication and helping with planning, through the engagement session, and ultimately the wedding we have established some level of a personal connection.  On the wedding day we are pretty much with the bride and groom and also the family and bridal party throughout the entire day, by the time the night is over we certainly feel like not just another “vendor” but often feel like invited guests or friends.


Every wedding is unique. Each day unfolds differently, poses different challenges, and gives you different subjects to work with, but one thing that stays constant is it is YOUR imagery, and your art that you are creating. Every wedding photographer has their own unique style, both in terms of technical and composition style and also editing style, it's refreshing and exciting to know that with each wedding we photograph those photos encompass our vision and our creativity within each photo.


 To me, the ultimate reward with being a wedding photographer is when your bride and groom tell you that they are head over heels in love with the photos, or their groom or mom/dad shed happy tears when looking through the photos. It is without a doubt the coolest feeling one can have. At that point you know you hit a home run and you have made an extremely gracious and happy client, one who will cherish your photos of them for years and years to come. The list can certainly go on and on but to us, these are the big main reasons why we love our jobs as wedding photographers!

Meet the Team


Meet our Award-Winning Photographers, Videographer and Officiant. Read our team bio's below and get to know us a little better.


Owner + Lead Photographer + Creative Director

Tori has literally had a camera in her hand since the tender age of 5. Tori owns storage boxes upon boxes of prints she has taken over the years. She early on developed a love for film photography and became obsessed with developing black and white photography while in sixth grade, her shop teacher allowed the class to build a dark room.

She loves black and whites, they are classic to her, she loves textures, lines, and is obsessed with originality and details. She loves classic (old school) Vogue and Rolling Stone covers, many done by her idol Annie Lebovitz. She also loves black and whites by Andy Warhol.

Tori has 18 years of experience as a Wedding Photographer. She is a 29 x Award Winning Wedding Lead Photographer, and her Wedding Photography is recognized by the Charleston Multi-Cultural Bridal Association and The Professional Photographers Association. She has had 31 Wedding Magazine publishing's throughout her career.

Tori was also named the Organizational Walk Leader for the Huntington, WV Region Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo-Walk for seven consecutive years and also served as a Panel Judge.


Co-Owner + Lead Photographer

Jason is former Military-Army Veteran. his Wedding Photography is recognized by the Charleston Multi-Cultural Bridal Association and Professional Photographers Association.

Jason comes from a long line of family that were photographers themselves. His grandfather was the owner of a portrait studio in Chillicothe, Ohio named "Vicker's Photography". Jason not only inherited the interest in photography through his family (brother is also a photographer), but he also got to help his grandfather in grandfather's studio developing imagery.

He loves working with the Groomsmen (of course he likes working with the guys...) and LIVES for catching memorable in-the-moment candids. Jason has this ability to be wherever a candid moment is happening at the right time. Jason's candid photography is just phenomenal.

His alternate perspective completes our well-rounded coverage of all of the special moments you dearly want captured. His additional perspectives to the portraits, gives us such an advantage to having an abundance of great images for the client to print.

Jason has won 25 Photography Awards and has been published 29 times in wedding and nature magazines throughout his 18- year career. Jason was the Second Place Winner in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Huntington, West Virginia in 2007. Jason also has served as a Panel Judge for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.


Lead Photographer + Second Shooter

Brittany is our amazing Lead Photographer. She loves photography, weddings, and loves working with every Bride + Groom. We love having Brittany as a part of our staff over the last four years. Brittany has been published 7 times. You may have seen some of Brittany's work featured in Brides + Weddings Magazine, Zola Real Weddings, and Wedding Wire-Real Weddings. She's amazing with the Bridal Party as well as the Groomsmen! She makes candids look like an artistry.


Lead Photographer + Second Shooter (Associate)

Hi! I’m Kristy. Documenting epic and authentic love stories and moments are what I’m all about. Photography and travel drive me, inspire me and motivate me. I’ve shot in some of the most breathtaking locations both nationally and internationally. Your love, your passion, your inner and outer beauty is what I want the world to see. And best believe, I always throw in a little creativity too! I strive to always show the connection between my couples all while having the best time! My sessions, weddings and elopements turn into date nights or a day full of laughs. I keep things light and fun all while fully directing every client from start to finish. There will never be a time where you’re wondering what to do, how to stand or where to put your hands. I coached all star cheerleading and gymnastics for over 25 years. I’m very well versed in guiding people with how to move your bodies and showcasing you in the most flattering way. You’ll look like the best version of yourselves. I’ve been married for twenty-three years and have 3 amazing kids. They mean everything to me! 


Videographer + Second Shooter (Associate)

My name is Brandon McKay and I am so excited to join the team. I am by way of Upstate New York and actually moved to Charleston to coach college football before making a switch to teaching and then photography! I could have never imagined becoming a photographer, but I absolutely love to capture the love between two people in both photos and videography! I can't wait to meet you to help capture your special day! 


Wedding Officiant

Sarah is one of the most authentic humans you could ask for to officiate your upcoming nuptials. She has such a huge heart and one of the most beautiful smiles.

She is everything you want in an officiant. See Sarah's website full of testimonials from her former clients. Sarah covers many of our weddings in an all-inclusive package and travels to Charleston, HHI, Beaufort, and Savannah, GA.

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